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Domestic customers

Bernhard J. Simon sen. +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-0
Pascal Röder +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-968
Dirk Gerke +49 (0) 6571 / 6902 61
Ralf Drückes +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-39
Rolf Eckert +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-28
Ralf Kettel +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-40

Flexible and Reliable – Partnership-based and Sustainable

The quality of our products and the satisfaction of you as a commercial customer are our highest priority. We try to meet your expectations flexibly and reliably. Establishing and maintaining long-term business relationships based on partnership is extremely important to us.

Our product quality depends to a large extent on the raw materials we use. Our state-of-the-art slaughtering plant meets the highest technological requirements. The delivery of the slaughtered animals is taken over in spacious lying and stabling halls. Under optimal conditions, the animals arrive at the slaughterhouse stress-free. This has a positive effect on the best meat quality.

Just-in-time and around the clock

Our core business is the just-in-time delivery of our slaughtered meat products, cut according to your wishes. As a commercial customer, you can choose from the range of cuts up to the whole half of the pig. These are delivered to you fresh, vacuum-packed or frozen as required.

A total of 600 employees work in three shifts around the clock to slaughter about 4,000 pigs daily, cut them up according to order, pack them and deliver them on time. Spacious cooling and cutting areas ensure customer-oriented flexibility in order processing.

Meat types: pork
Portioning: Portioning: halves, coarsely and finely cut cuts
Countries of origin: Germany (mainly from the federal states of: Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony), Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Belgium
State of delivery: fresh, vacuum packed or frozen


General Terms and Conditions (as of 28.10.2008)

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Frank Ehlen
Pascal Röder (state-certified food technician; master butcher)

Eifelschwein – „Made in Germany“

The global demand for meat is constantly increasing and German pork in particular enjoys an excellent international reputation. SIMON-Fleisch not only supplies customers in Germany and Europe but also serves customers worldwide. The company holds export licences for the most important export markets in the pork sector – especially in Asia.

The different export markets have very different requirements both in terms of cutting the articles and in terms of packaging. Since we carry out production and packaging at one location, we can react flexibly to the individual wishes of our customers and the requirements of a wide variety of export markets.

Due to the geographical proximity of our headquarters to Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands, we have been accustomed for many years to working trustingly with partners of different languages and cultures in our daily business. We enjoy and cultivate this international working atmosphere.

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Quality Management

Tim Reuland, M. Eng. Food Technology +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-918
Julian Görg (state-certified food technologist) +49 (0) 6571 / 6902-953

Safe and healthy products from sustainable production

The increasingly demanding market with insecure and increasingly critical consumers demands the highest level of meat quality and service. For this reason, SIMON-Fleisch offers the production chain "from a single source": from slaughtering to cutting and processing to logistics, all levels of production are centrally controlled.

SIMON-Fleisch applies comprehensive quality management at all levels of production. Intensive monitoring of slaughter quality and the cutting of cuts by our foremen in production is a matter of course for us. In addition, our products are subjected to permanent physical and microbiological checks, both in-house by our quality assurance department and in external laboratories.

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