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Regional origin & the Eifel region

The low mountain region of the Eifel impresses with its unspoilt landscape, original forests and numerous Eifel lakes created by volcanic activity, which are important as a biotope for countless animal species and as a recreation area for people from near and far. It is not for nothing that the Eifel is considered the green lung in the west of the Federal Republic and a local recreation area for people from the nearby Rhine, Main and Ruhr areas.

Not far away is the Moselle with its idyllic vineyards and a multitude of nationally and internationally renowned wineries that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. In addition to excellent wines, the region is also distinguished by mineral waters, meat products and dairy products of the highest quality.

In the midst of this unspoilt region, which is characterised by traditional agriculture, lies the “Säubrenner” town of Wittlich, which has had a – then municipal – slaughterhouse since the beginning of the 20th century. This is where the foundation stone of the SIMON-Fleisch company was laid more than 160 years ago. Since then, the company has grown steadily and developed further over the years under the management of the Simon family of entrepreneurs.

The Simon family of entrepreneurs and SIMON-Fleisch have always seen themselves as an integral part of this unique region and would like to continue growing in and with the region in the future.

Of course, this also includes long-term relationships with farmers in the region based on partnership. Only on a trusting and lasting basis can we achieve our ambitious goals together with our suppliers.

In addition to working with farmers involved in conventional livestock farming, SIMON-Fleisch is also committed to supporting separate, regional programmes. For this reason, the decision was taken several years ago to participate in the certified regional programme “Regionalmarke Eifel” alongside the industry-related QS and IFS certifications, as well as to slaughter a large number of “Eifel pigs”. The animals marketed in the course of these regionality-oriented programmes must come from a specific geographical area, the Eifel, or from a defined producer association. This is controlled and audited so that a complete control of regionality can be guaranteed. These programmes are very popular with our customers and help to reduce the impact on our environment and the animals delivered.