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Animal welfare

The welfare of the animals we slaughter is close to our hearts. This not only leads to improved meat quality, but also corresponds to our values as a family business.

To ensure this, we rely heavily on the regional purchase of animals from the Eifel-Mosel-Hunsrück region and the BeNeLux states, the consistent training of our employees and the stress-free treatment of the animals in our company. As a member of the Initiative Tierwohl (Animal Welfare Initiative), we actively promote improved ways of keeping slaughter cattle and aggressively market these to our customers.

In addition, for several years we have been part of various regional programmes, such as the Eifelschwein-Garantie (Eifel Pig Guarantee) or the Regionalmarke Eifel (Eifel Regional Brand), which have set themselves the goal of supporting regional agriculture, increasing animal welfare through short distances and promoting consistent and traceable regional production.

SIMON-Fleisch has long-standing and trusting business relationships with the farmers and producer groups who supply us with their pigs, enabling us to minimise deviations from our standards and guarantee mutual security of supply.

The delivery of the pigs takes place daily and is inspected by official veterinarians and the entire process is controlled. After delivery, the animals are housed in spacious lying and stalling halls where they can rest. Afterwards, the animals are led stress-free to slaughter under optimal conditions in our state-of-the-art slaughterhouse, which meets the highest technological requirements. The entire slaughtering process is carried out by specially trained staff and is fully monitored by the authorities to ensure that the process is gentle and worthy of the animal.