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Environment & Sustainability

Situated on the outskirts of the “Säubrennerstadt” Wittlich, our company is located in the middle of the beautiful Eifel and Moselle valleys – two areas characterised by their naturalness and closeness to nature. This is our unique home region, which we want to protect and preserve alongside all our entrepreneurial efforts.

An important step was therefore the commissioning of our biological wastewater treatment plant, through which the wastewater discharged by the company is on average significantly less polluted than the wastewater of local private households. The water quality of our region is known worldwide and we contribute to its preservation in this way. diesem Wege bei.

In addition, both the sewage sludge and the compost produced by livestock deliveries are reused as fertiliser for local agriculture. The flotate from the pre-treatment plant and the stomach contents are used to produce biogas. In this way, we avoid waste, provide farmers with a biological fertiliser alternative and help to produce a sustainable energy source.zeugen.

The sourcing of our raw materials also plays an immensely important role for us. Thus, we maintain partnership relations with farmers and livestock traders from the region as well as the BeNeLux border area. In this way, we ensure short transport routes and thus reduce the burden on both the animals and the environment.

In general, the careful use of resources is a high priority at SIMON-Fleisch, which is ensured by strict energy management and waste management. To improve our carbon footprint, we make the greatest efforts to recover heat.

Since 2021, our company has invested in a combined heat and power plant with an attached absorption chiller. Through this plant, the fuel used is simultaneously used three times to generate electricity, heat and cooling, which has a sustainable positive effect on our resource consumption.

Through all these measures, we manage to make a sustainable contribution to the preservation of our green home and at the same time produce high-quality food for the population.

Environmental protection is a priority

The company’s environmental principles have led to numerous investments in the area of heat recovery and energy saving. Biological residual waste, which is unavoidable, is collected and – where possible – reused. The flotate from the company’s own pre-treatment plant is used to produce biogas. The resulting sewage sludge is given to agriculture as fertiliser.

The wastewater that has passed through the biological treatment plant on the company’s premises is 50 percent less polluted than wastewater from private households. Besides the environmental aspect, this is also a financial incentive: the company has reduced its wastewater costs accordingly.

Combined heat and power plant

In 2021, SIMON-Fleisch invested in a combined heat and power plant at its Wittlich site. The fuel used is used simultaneously to generate electricity, heat and cooling, which has a sustainable positive impact on our company’s consumption of resources. Through this investment, we reduce annual CO2 emissions by about 24%, which corresponds to approximately 1,641 tonnes of CO2.