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Corporate culture

Respect, reliability and openness

SIMON-Fleisch is an owner-managed family business. The goal of our actions is to achieve long-term positive business development for the benefit of the company and, in particular, our employees and family.

In this context, we regard our workforce as the mainstay of our company. Our dealings with each other and the behaviour of superiors towards their employees are characterised by respect, reliability and openness.

We expect honesty, motivation and a sense of responsibility from our employees. Each individual bears responsibility for his or her team and the entire company at his or her workplace. He or she must therefore do his or her work to the best of his or her ability in order to integrate successfully into our company.

Strategy and values

We strive for continuous and solid growth of our company. Opportunities and risks must be in balance with each other.

The behaviour of our company towards our employees as well as towards customers and suppliers is characterised by honesty, integrity and a sense of responsibility. We consider the observance of these essential entrepreneurial values to be indispensable, even in a food market characterised by price and cost pressure and even destructive competition.

Complete quality policy
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Compatible with Nestlé Responsible Sourcing Audit

Sustainable employee management

Training and further education are of considerable importance. Employees who have completed their training or started their professional career in our company often develop into top performers in our company.

Decades of loyalty to the company by employees is no exception. This loyalty to the company and the owner family is highly valued. Our company is proud of its low staff turnover.